Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 2 - Pleasing To You

I was listening to a song by Desperation Band today called "Pleasing to You".

The words just resonated with me today. I long for God to "clean out my closet" as it says in the second line of this song.

I want to be pure, but only because I want even more to please my Father. Purity and Santification are only a means to the real end of making my Father proud. The pursuit is not purity so I can be holy or sanctification so I can be different; No, it's because I want to be close to God and want to please Him with all that I am.

I will be white as snow
I will be pure as gold
Jesus my heart must know
I'm pleasing to You
I give my life my all
Taking the cross I will follow
Jesus my heart must know
I'm pleasing to You

The beauty of all this is that He wants so much to have me near, that He is willing to do the work of purification.

God, I am so full of flaws and things that make me unfit for your presence. Please forgive me for clinging to those things or sweeping them under the covers. Clean out my closets and let Your light of life shine in every dark corner. Not just so I can be clean, but I only want it because it means that I can be close to You. Draw me close Father, whatever it costs me personally. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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