Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 7

Let the praises of our mouths resound through the streets of our cities
And our worship echo in empty canyons
Let the glory of our God be know in every dark alley
And His name be shouted from every mountain

When we sing, let our voices be heard
When we cry out, let Your justice roll down
Let your Spirit pour out
Use our lips to spill words of life
And our songs to pull back the night

Leave no heart unturned and no life unchanged
Leave no hurt unhealed when we speak Jesus' name
Let hungry mouths be fed and children loved and claimed
Let all that's lost be found when we speak Jesus' name

God, we long for our worship to be so much more than words and melodies.
Oh kind and patient Father make us the vessels You want us to be

Send us with Your praise on our lips
To every dark corner
To every broken village
To every penthouse suite
To every filthy port city
To every lavish palace
To every dreary bar
May our worship not stop at their thresholds
Or thanks be shut up inside our walls
But let us take it to where the hopeless are
To where tired eyes go to cry
To where broken hearts go to die

We are bondservants of Your glory
And muses called to tell Your story
We will not hold it in
Holy Spirit we breathe out
Let them breathe You in

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