Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 16

I Belong
Kathryn Scott

Verse 1
Not angels, nor demons,
no power on earth or heaven
Not distance, nor danger,
no trouble now or ever

Pre Chorus
Nothing can take me from your great love
Forever this truth remains

I belong, I belong to you

Verse 2
Not hardship, nor hunger,
no pain or depth of sorrow
Not weakness, nor failure,
no broken dream or promise

A beautiful thought today... I belong.

Outside of my office window there is a massive pile of dirt (see below)

Just to the right of this dirt is a huge hole that looks like the makings of two olympic sized pools. They're taking the old dirt out and putting layers of better dirt that will serve to support the foundation of the expansion of our new building. I thought that dirt was dirt and you could just slap some concrete and rebar on top of it and voila!! Wrong!

God, I would rather have a good foundation for You to build your work in my life upon than to have instant success and fame built on unsettled ground. You have told me that You are tilling up the soil in my heart, so please, by all means, continue; as if You had to have my permission. But I submit myself to You and Your plans, Your views, Your thoughts, Your desires, and Your will. Take as long as you want to cultivate me. I worship You because this is where I belong... wherever You want me to be doing whatever it is You want me to do. I belong in Your hands. I belong to You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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