Monday, November 24, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 8

This here is another one of those posts that should make you feel better about your plight. (if indeed you do have a plight that is not so favorable, in your opinion.)

The past couple of days have been rough for our little Grady man. He's been stuffy nosed and feverish with a little cough. This morning and yesterday he woke up with a nose full of boogers. They were even in his hair. Bummer. We took him to see Dr. G,well his nurse practitioner, today and she said he just had a cold.

So, if you're having a bad day, take heart. Grady seems to be having a worse one... Mommy and Daddy are running a close second.

Happy Monday-ing,


Friday, November 21, 2008

News and Notes for 11/22 & 11/23

Rehearsal tomorrow same bat time same bat channel at 3:30.

The church is still getting cleaned up today, but we should at least have some lighting on the stage this week.

-Song of Hope - A - First song replacing "My Savior Lives"
-All That I Can Say - A - Change key

-Kindness and Amazed stay the same.

Let's make a solid effort to get started on time this week... :) We will do our best to have sound up and running smoothly.

See you tonight if you are able to attend the Worship and Tech Holiday Party! It starts at 6. Email me if you need directions.


Weekend Update 11/15 & 11/16

This past weekend was our first in the temporary configuration of our auditorium. Basically, they took about 30-40% of our auditorium space and closed it off with a big wall. We had to install temporary sound, lighting, and projection so it was wheels off up until Saturday. Thanks to the hard work of some great volunteers it went off pretty much without a hitch. Here's the completely one-sided score card for the week.

Blessed Be Your Name - A
Cannons - B
From The Inside Out - A
The Stand (Ch and Br) - A

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.5 - Had a couple of issues getting started with the temporary system, but otherwise it was an almost perfect rehearsal. Great Job Team!
Technical Execution 3.5 - Pretty Solid - Harry rocked the Falcon! Our overall tempo was struggling
Transitions 4.5 - Great job Charlie again on the transitions... no dead time between songs. I had really thought through the ending transitions. It makes a difference when you think.
Content/Flow 4.25 - Last song "The Stand" lined up with John's message about Esther.
Church Participation 4.8 - Really good again this week despite the building, sound and lighting differences
Energy 4.75 - Saturday night was alive... good crowds throughout the whole weekend. Lots of people volunteering to shuffle services to make room.
Movement 4.5 - Good transitions helped us to really focus on God together.

Overall = 4.4


Monday, November 17, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 7

Oh happy Monday afternoon!

Here's a little help to keep up those spirits!

Lately I have been totally enthused with a show called "Time Warp"! Holy cow! I thought that "How It's Made" was awesome, but I'm tellin' you what... Time Warp is seriously awesome-er! No it's not a show that explores the possibilities of time travel with cutting edge new technological innovations, although that would be a cool show.

The concept of Time Warp is much simpler actually: Two guys with high-speed cameras film all kinds of cool stuff. The result: Amazing slow motion video of things like bullets colliding with bulletproof jackets to drops of water falling into a puddle. Oh it may sound quite mundane, but you should see it for yourself.

Name: Time Warp
What channel: Discovery
When: Wednesdays at 8 ET / 7CT

Discovery also runs various episodes throughout the week so you can catch a bunch of them on DVR if you want.

Don't hesitate!!! It is only Monday... that means you have two whole days to prepare! Let the anticipation accellerate, the tension intensify, and the mayhem multiply!!



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekend Update 11/8 - 11/9

I have to humbly say that this past weekend was awesome! In all four of our services there was just a genuine sense that God was present (not that He isn't always). As a worship leader, these times when you can feel emotional and spiritual energy in the room brought on by the presence of God are so encouraging and refreshing, but they are not the final way of measuring how much God is working in the church. They ARE moments when God chooses to grace us with a physical sense of His supernatural presence and it feels good. I want to be clear about this though, this is not a way to determine whether God is or is not moving and working in people's lives or in the church. There is no doubt that God is working at all times in us whether we are feeling it or not; sitting in church or not; aware of His existence or not. OK, I'll step down from my soapbox... after this one last comment. I pray that God gives us more times where we experience his presence together in a tangible way, but I pray more that He would use us, WE the church, to bring about lasting life-change in the lives of people who are seeking and needing Him. Instead of praying, "God, I want to feel You." Let's pray, "God, by Your grace, let Your presence change me no matter how I feel or how much I feel You."

Voices of Heaven and Earth - Bb
Marvelous Light - G
Mighty To Save - G
Overcome (Chorus and Bridge) - G

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.0 - Good job team! Little late start, but hit it hard and did some good work.
Technical Execution 3.75 - Still progressing, but hey, we're progressing
Transitions 4.5 - Charlie / our drummer did a great job transitioning
Content/Flow 4.5 - Had a few good moments that really lined up with the message and weekend's theme
Church Participation 5.0 - In every service, people were engaged!
Energy 4.5 - The highlight of the weekend in the second half of the set and the ending. So much energy in the room.
Movement 4.4 - We really moved from a time of celebration to a time of reflection and surrender.

Overall = 4.37


Monday, November 10, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 6

Yes, I have taken a break from blogging for the past few weeks because we were in the process of packing up our old home and moving into our new home.... needless to say, my extracurricular blogging time was cut way short. Ok, it was non-existent.

But now I'm back, to let you know....

That just in case you have a case of the Mondays, you should take a look at this fly hippity hop video... Don't cut it short!! Watch it til the end. It is totally worth it!

Happy Monday-ing,