Friday, October 31, 2008

News and Notes for 11/1 & 11/2

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. We were on our staff retreat from Monday through Wednesday and we've been packing and preparing to move the rest of the week.

Jonathan will be leading rehearsal this weekend. The set is as follows:

My Savior Lives - G - Jonathan or J.R.
Cannons - B - Anne
Center - E - Jonathan
The More I Seek You - E - Anne

The rest of the service shoule be simple.

I do need someone to volunteer to lead our Psalm and Prayer time during the 8:30 service. Anyone?

Let me know. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. I will probably peek my head in on Sunday morning sometime. Rock-it-out!


Friday, October 24, 2008

News and Notes for 10/25 and 10/26

This is something new that I am trying for all of our worship team members serving on a particular weekend. It's just a few thoughts and notes about the weekend before we arrive at rehearsal. I hope that this will further open the lines of communication and help us to be more efficient and effective with our time together.

This week's notes:

List -
Everyday - Bb - Aubrey
Cannons - B - Jen
All It Takes - E - Aubrey
Grace Like Rain - E - (Slower) - All

1. Make sure to log on to planning center and listen to Cannons. We are doing it in B, everyone's favorite key I know!

2. All It Takes will transition right into Grace Like Rain which will run right into communion.

3. Communion will be this weekend in every service. We will stay up and play through it. We will probably end with a chorus or 2 of Grace Like Rain.

4. I need a volunteer to lead our Psalm and Prayer time on Sunday morning. We will be reading Psalm 127.

5. Rehearsal starts at 3:30 by faith... so come in time enough to be ready to start at that time.

I think that's it. Please say a prayer for me because I'll be tag-teaming with John on the message this weekend. Here we go!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Update 10/18 & 10/19

Let me just say from the start that this was one of the best weekends we have had in a long time. Everything just seemed to flow together from rehearsal to our worship times.

Voices of Heaven and Earth - Bb
Everlasting God (Chorus and Br) - Bb
Cannons - B
From The Inside Out (Chorus and Br) - B
Jesus I Am Resting Resting - G

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.0 - Smooth... Still started a tad late, but had some late-comers.
Technical Execution 3.9 - Consistent all weekend
Transitions 4.75 - This was definitely the strength of the set
Content/Flow 3.9 - We've been talking a lot in the current series about surrender and trust... The last song "Jesus, I am Resting Resting" was a perfect ending.
Church Participation 3.75 - People really grabbed onto "Cannons". It has such an easy to learn chorus and bridge. I feel like it went over well.
Energy 3.8 - Pretty consistent. 2nd service on Sunday was packed so that seemed to up the level a little. Still room for growing here.
Movement 4.4 - Felt like the set really led people down the path of worship and surrender and contemplation.

Overall = 4.07


Monday, October 20, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 5

If you've been listening to worship at all for the past 10 years or so, you've heard of Hillsong United. And you've possibly heard their song "Take It All"! It is kind of one of those tunes that's on the borderline of being monotonous, but really fun to sing all at the same time. Anyway, a friend showed this video to me the other day and I thought it was the perfect fit for the song! It's a pretty hilarious interpretation of the lyrics and the emotion. In fact, there's a whole series of these videos made for United songs, but this one by far is the best!

My favorite part is the guys with J-E-S-U-S painted on their chests... Enjoy!

Happy Monday!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 4

Ok, here's your Monday dose of Miracle Drug for the Malay that is Monday!

In case you find yourself wollering in self pity today, just take one look at this guy...

Remember, there is always someone with bigger problems than you!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend Update 10/4 & 10/5

Jen and I left early Sunday morning for St. Paul Minnesota. We are leading worship all week at Northwestern College for their Homecoming Week Chapels. It has been awesome so far and we have been so encouraged by the students here. It's just me, Jen, one acoustic, and 1500 students singing out at the top of their lungs! There have been moments each morning where we were not the ones leading worship. We were just there kind of directing the map of the song! Jen commented that they were singing so loud that she couldn't even hear herself in the monitor. It really is a beautiful and amazing experience.

In lieu of Jen and leading, Mr. Jonathan Andrus took the reins this weekend and here is his evaluation of the weekend "worship through music" set.

Song of Hope
All That I Can Say
Mighty To Save

Rehearsal – We started a little late, but were able to get everything together so that we had plenty of time to run over the entire set after we had a chance to work technically on each song. 4.5

Technical Execution – Miraculously, Saturday night felt great…I think the only service that we had trouble with was 3rd service mostly on “All that I can say”…we kept speeding up then slowing down L. Other than that the band did an awesome job, and I was really able to get into it without thinking about it. 4

Transitions- No problems with transitions…we changed some of the song maps, and I think it worked well. J.R. did a good job with the beginning for “Song of Hope”…chorus then intro. 4

Content/Flow – Songs were all very engaging…I actually liked going from a mild paced song like “all that I can say” to a bit of a pick me up like “mighty to save”. 4.25

Church Participation- I think that people were following the flow pretty well, but not “off the chain” or anything. 3.5

Energy- Pretty consistent with participation…good not great. 3.5

Movement– I think that we flowed thru pretty well in most services. There was really no major distractions and I was able to spend some quality time with the Lord. 4

Overall = 3.96


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 3

Ok... I know I know, it's Tuesday, but I know that some of you are suffering from a Monday hangover. So, here is another dose of a miracle Monday remedy...

You should read Joshua 10 today!

Go ahead! It will make your day, even if it's your worst, feel like a walk in the park. If you think this is going to be the longest day of your life, ole Joshie's got ya beat there too.

Don't worry! Be happy!

Happy MonTuesday,


P.S. Sweet graphic huh? Love the flames!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekend Update 9/27 & 9/28

It's Weekend Update Time... and I have 5 minutes!

Grace Like Rain - E
Voices of Heaven and Earth - Bb
Mighty To Save - G
Refuge - D

Report Card
Rehearsal 3.0 - Still cutting it too close to service time.
Technical Execution 3.75 - Good job all around!
Transitions 4.5 - Saturday we did Voices of Heaven and Earth, a new song, first and it didn't really work, but Sunday we switched it to 2nd and it worked so much better. There was also a scripture reading before Mighty to Save and then Communion before Refuge... I kind of fumbled through the intro to "Voices" but all in all... really good transitions
Content/Flow 4.25 - Tried to line up with the theme of the message... The scripture reading from Proverbs 3 and Refuge.
Church Participation 3.5 - Good engagement... Had a good moment during the new song as well as during Refuge.
Energy 3.75 - Good in all services this weekend. Had a lot of people in Sat. service for baby dedications... The new song on Sunday seemed to pick up the energy a bit.
Movement 4.0 - Tried to move people toward responding to communion... I feel like it worked pretty well

Overall = 3.82