Friday, October 24, 2008

News and Notes for 10/25 and 10/26

This is something new that I am trying for all of our worship team members serving on a particular weekend. It's just a few thoughts and notes about the weekend before we arrive at rehearsal. I hope that this will further open the lines of communication and help us to be more efficient and effective with our time together.

This week's notes:

List -
Everyday - Bb - Aubrey
Cannons - B - Jen
All It Takes - E - Aubrey
Grace Like Rain - E - (Slower) - All

1. Make sure to log on to planning center and listen to Cannons. We are doing it in B, everyone's favorite key I know!

2. All It Takes will transition right into Grace Like Rain which will run right into communion.

3. Communion will be this weekend in every service. We will stay up and play through it. We will probably end with a chorus or 2 of Grace Like Rain.

4. I need a volunteer to lead our Psalm and Prayer time on Sunday morning. We will be reading Psalm 127.

5. Rehearsal starts at 3:30 by faith... so come in time enough to be ready to start at that time.

I think that's it. Please say a prayer for me because I'll be tag-teaming with John on the message this weekend. Here we go!


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Aubrey and Jen said...

sorry if B is a bad key for Cannons...I could do it a little bit higher!?