Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekend Update 9/27 & 9/28

It's Weekend Update Time... and I have 5 minutes!

Grace Like Rain - E
Voices of Heaven and Earth - Bb
Mighty To Save - G
Refuge - D

Report Card
Rehearsal 3.0 - Still cutting it too close to service time.
Technical Execution 3.75 - Good job all around!
Transitions 4.5 - Saturday we did Voices of Heaven and Earth, a new song, first and it didn't really work, but Sunday we switched it to 2nd and it worked so much better. There was also a scripture reading before Mighty to Save and then Communion before Refuge... I kind of fumbled through the intro to "Voices" but all in all... really good transitions
Content/Flow 4.25 - Tried to line up with the theme of the message... The scripture reading from Proverbs 3 and Refuge.
Church Participation 3.5 - Good engagement... Had a good moment during the new song as well as during Refuge.
Energy 3.75 - Good in all services this weekend. Had a lot of people in Sat. service for baby dedications... The new song on Sunday seemed to pick up the energy a bit.
Movement 4.0 - Tried to move people toward responding to communion... I feel like it worked pretty well

Overall = 3.82


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