Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend Update 10/4 & 10/5

Jen and I left early Sunday morning for St. Paul Minnesota. We are leading worship all week at Northwestern College for their Homecoming Week Chapels. It has been awesome so far and we have been so encouraged by the students here. It's just me, Jen, one acoustic, and 1500 students singing out at the top of their lungs! There have been moments each morning where we were not the ones leading worship. We were just there kind of directing the map of the song! Jen commented that they were singing so loud that she couldn't even hear herself in the monitor. It really is a beautiful and amazing experience.

In lieu of Jen and leading, Mr. Jonathan Andrus took the reins this weekend and here is his evaluation of the weekend "worship through music" set.

Song of Hope
All That I Can Say
Mighty To Save

Rehearsal – We started a little late, but were able to get everything together so that we had plenty of time to run over the entire set after we had a chance to work technically on each song. 4.5

Technical Execution – Miraculously, Saturday night felt great…I think the only service that we had trouble with was 3rd service mostly on “All that I can say”…we kept speeding up then slowing down L. Other than that the band did an awesome job, and I was really able to get into it without thinking about it. 4

Transitions- No problems with transitions…we changed some of the song maps, and I think it worked well. J.R. did a good job with the beginning for “Song of Hope”…chorus then intro. 4

Content/Flow – Songs were all very engaging…I actually liked going from a mild paced song like “all that I can say” to a bit of a pick me up like “mighty to save”. 4.25

Church Participation- I think that people were following the flow pretty well, but not “off the chain” or anything. 3.5

Energy- Pretty consistent with participation…good not great. 3.5

Movement– I think that we flowed thru pretty well in most services. There was really no major distractions and I was able to spend some quality time with the Lord. 4

Overall = 3.96


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