Monday, December 22, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 12

This is just straight dude humor, but I thought it would bring you joy on this Monday. And whattaya know.... it could be a great last minute gift idea for that special someone.



Monday, December 15, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 11

Whatever Holiday Humdrum has consumed you and whether this is a Manic or Monastic Monday, take heart. You have nothing to fear except fear itself... oh and if you're President Bush add flying shoes in there. Here is the AP footage from the President's press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki. It's from a Mexican TV news program. I will not be liable for anything they say, because frankly, I cannot translate. Regardless, they just seem to have a way with tone, inflection, and cheesy sound effects. Enjoy!

Did that guy wear his house slippers to the press conference? Did you check out ole Georgie's cat-like reflexes?

Have an Un-malevolent Monday!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 10

What a crack up!
Funny how funny this is!
It's more than just free entertainment; it's frentertainment!
How lucky I am to have partaken!

These are only a few of the exclamatory remarks that came to mind when I had the opportunity to view a few vlog (video blog) posts creatively created by my good buddy Pedro. Below is only one of those posts I thought would make your Monday special. But do not be deceived, the true comic, ironic, and utterly catatonic nectar can only be tasted when you indulge in all of the previous updates. You must! Do not delay! It will only take a few moments, but, henceforth, your life will be certainly not the same or different!

Enjoy "Q4 update: Day 10" by Pedro_Munoz

Day Ten from Peter Erickson on Vimeo.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekend Update 11/29 & 11/30

My Savior Lives - G
Mighty to Save - G
Majesty - A
Still - D

Report Card
Rehearsal 3.5 - Got started late again... I think everyone showed up a little late. Had a hard time finding a bass player and sound guy. Thanks to Aaron, we were able to at least get up and running.
Technical Execution 3.0 - We struggled this week all around. I was playing leadish electric on Saturday night.... that's always distracting to me and I'm sure to others.
Transitions 3.75 - Pretty good.
Content/Flow 4.0 - Flowed well in the context of the service... esp. Still
Church Participation 3.5 - ok. Kind of perceived a general hangover from thanksgiving dinner.
Energy 3.5 - A little lower because of too much turkey. Aaron's message really brought some good energy though.
Movement 3.65 - yes. Pretty effective especially from Mighty To Save through Still

Overall = 3.56


Monday, December 1, 2008

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays? - Vol 9

Yeah that's right, it's December 1st and in honor of the dawning of the dusk of 2008, I offer you something free that I do not own. What could break the Monday Monday Blues better than free stuff? Nothing I proport... absolutely nothing!

What might this free stuff be? Oh, well I'm glad you asked. There is a website that I have come to really dig, even if it's way over my head most of the.... all of the time, Smashing Magazine! Not only do they just have some of the coolest graphics/photography on the web, they also offer something quite cooler; monthly calendar desktop wallpaper... FOR FREE! I know it may not seem very cool right off, but you have to check it out. After all, it's December 1st and if you act now, you'll be sure to get your money's worth. Wait, you didn't spend any money!!! That makes it even better.

Check out the Wallpaper Calendars for the Month of December Here.

If you still doubt, here is the one donning my desktop as we virtually speak. Thought it was kind of quirky and yet very Decemberish. You have an unlimited selection of 55!

Merry Monday!