Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Update 11/15 & 11/16

This past weekend was our first in the temporary configuration of our auditorium. Basically, they took about 30-40% of our auditorium space and closed it off with a big wall. We had to install temporary sound, lighting, and projection so it was wheels off up until Saturday. Thanks to the hard work of some great volunteers it went off pretty much without a hitch. Here's the completely one-sided score card for the week.

Blessed Be Your Name - A
Cannons - B
From The Inside Out - A
The Stand (Ch and Br) - A

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.5 - Had a couple of issues getting started with the temporary system, but otherwise it was an almost perfect rehearsal. Great Job Team!
Technical Execution 3.5 - Pretty Solid - Harry rocked the Falcon! Our overall tempo was struggling
Transitions 4.5 - Great job Charlie again on the transitions... no dead time between songs. I had really thought through the ending transitions. It makes a difference when you think.
Content/Flow 4.25 - Last song "The Stand" lined up with John's message about Esther.
Church Participation 4.8 - Really good again this week despite the building, sound and lighting differences
Energy 4.75 - Saturday night was alive... good crowds throughout the whole weekend. Lots of people volunteering to shuffle services to make room.
Movement 4.5 - Good transitions helped us to really focus on God together.

Overall = 4.4


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