Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 3

I was singing over and over the chorus of a song that I wrote recently called "Eternally Yours".

Oh God Your love has put
Eternity in my heart
You've given me a song to sing
Eternally for You God
Always, always

As I was singing, I began to pray that God's kingdom would come and that the kingdoms of this world would pass away. Sometimes I am so frustrated with the tunnel vision and short-term mindset of world powers including the U.S. I long for God's kingdom because it is completely eternally minded and centered. Everything is done with eternity in mind.

May Your everlasting kingdom come
In my time, Through my life
May the kingdoms of this world
Pass away, pass away

God, this love You have placed in my heart is the only eternal thing I possess. It is the only eternal thing that I can give away in this temporary life. Help me to be about the business of giving it away, so that in small ways Your kingdom comes and Your will is done on earth, through my life, everyday, as it is in Heaven. Your kingdom is beautiful in your people.

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