Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 5

I was reminded today of this thing called joy. For some, it's just a girl's name. For some, it's just an emotion. For many, it's something just out of reach. For a Christian, it's evidence of the Spirit's work in our lives.

God, knowing that you desire me brings me joy. Knowing that your are listening and attentive to my prayers. Jesus, knowing that you are my advocate, my liason, brings me joy. Knowing that your love and sacrifice is for me. Holy Spirit, knowing that you are near, with and in me, brings me joy. Knowing that I have the very presence of God living in me and going before me.

Joy creates energy
Joy brings help to hope
Joy helps people perservere
Joy makes a heart light and not heavy no matter what the circumstance
Joy heals hurts
Joy guards from bitterness
Joy is rooted in security
Joy is knowing and trusting the God of all creation
Joy is birthed as God reveals Himself to us more and more

God, help us to never turn our eyes from You. We want to see all that You, God of infinite wisdom, want to show us. You have our attention. You have our senses. Show us Yourself and in that we will know Your way.

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