Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 13

My thoughts are not clear today about what God is speaking to me. I feel this urge, a longing for God to do supernatural things in our community. Then I ask myself the question "why?", and I'm not sure how to answer that. I feel like there are so many people, just in our church, that need God to supernaturally heal their bodies, their relationships, their minds, etc. But what would be the purpose? Obviously it would be for those people to be healed and restored, but would we turn and squander what God has done? Is that even why God does supernatural things, so we will be closer to Him and trust Him more? Or, should we trust Him in spite of the presence of miracles? Which one is more God honoring?

I look at the children of Israel and the miracles that they witnessed, but, being so self-absorbed, they missed it. They turned to their complaining and idolatry. Are we not a society just like theirs? Do we not tire of things so quickly that every new thing turns quickly into "old news"? Why would God want to do miracles here? Wouldn't we just turn and forget Him just like the Israelites?

I don't know. On one hand, I long for God's supernatural intervention via physical miracles of healing and restoration because good people are hopeless and dying every day (physically) without them. On the other hand, I long so much more for us to trust in God and love Him whether we are sick or well, rich or poor. It's so easy for me to say this because I am well and, while I'm not rich, I am well provided for.

Oh God, I long to see miracles because the people You love are hurting and groaning for Your intervention. They have been given reports from doctors that are hopeless. They have reached an impass with their spouse and can't get through it. We so desperately need You and Your power here and now in our lives. But, Father, help us to make a different mark than the Israelites, to chart a different course. Let our longing for relationship with you supercede our desire for healing and restoration in our bodies. We need You, in everything You are, in every way! But God, first, we need You as our Master, our Leader, and our Lord. Be worshiped today by our submission. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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