Sunday, July 13, 2008

This weekend at Hope

I thought this weekend went pretty well for the most part. Here are some thoughts...

Our set was:
My Savior Lives - G
Marvelous Light - G
All It Takes - E
Kindness - G

-John's message on repentance was great! I think it was well-given, well-timed, and well-received.
-Great Beverly Hillbillies clip about repentance!
-The worship set flowed well within itself and with the message.
-Julio was back on Bass after a long absence and Jolene was back singin'!
-Harry really kicked butt!
-I was able to use in-ears so we didn't have a floor monitor on stage
-I love the people who serve on our team!
-"All It Takes" went great when i finally remembered it.
-Jonathan sounded great on "Kindness" which was a last minute Saturday morning add.

-Another Saturday night 6pm dress rehearsal (That would be fine except for the fact that we just happen to have a service that begins at 6pm as well)
-Weak unplanned transitions
-Started late every service
-Zune crapped out... need a reliable backup or a totally different/more easily navigated solution.
-Despite my best efforts, the lights are still not fixed and timer on projector is still not reset.... ugh!!

The good news is that we get to try it all again next week... That's the beautiful and ugly thing about Saturdays and Sundays, they come around with amazing speed and frequency.


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Mark Lunsford said...

When I read abuot the zune player messing up I wondered if it would be better to load the Zune software on the laptop at the soundbooth so they can control it from the computer instead of the player.