Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cup

No, not the Nextel cup or the Stanley Cup nor the protective cup worn by little league football stars such as myself. Nay, not even the Scotty P's cups that have so subtely cluttered up our cabinets.

Last weekend John talked about "The Cup", meaning the one that Jesus shared with his disciples during communion. He also related it to the cup that the Pharisees did a half-butt washing of... you know, the one where He totally schooled them about being so concerened about washing the outside while neglecting the inside... Anyway, it was one of those services that just came together. I was off at Youth camp with my homeboy Aaron, our favorite intern Courtney (who also happens to be our only intern, but this makes her no less cool), and a few of our trusted youth leaders. John was in and out doing what John does best... ummm... eating lunch with faithful parishoners. Libba, the third wing of our triumverate was... well, I'm not quite sure what she was doing... Probably chasing her kids around... God love'em. So all that to say that our normal programming meetings and preparations did not occur, but nonetheless God showed up in a big way. Here's the rundown:

-Hey - Leeland - Special request of the Exley family who is returning to Africa tomorrow. How can you resist Melia requesting anything? If you don't know her, she is seriously so cute she's edible.
-O Praise Him - Led by one of our Oklahoma vagabonds, J.R. He is awesome! Can't wait to see what God is going to do with him.
-Fellowship - backed by a little Run Kid Run!!! Oh Yeah!!
-John's message - One of the most unique and best teachings on The Lord's Supper I've ever heard. It's called "The Cup" as I mentioned before.
John invited people to write things on a cup they had been given that they needed to pour out to God. Then he instructed them to place alms or gifts for the poor in the cup if they felt led. This was according to the scripture where Jesus instructed the Pharisees to take care of the poor instead of gorging themselves when celebrating the Lord's supper. After that, John told them to observe communion as they felt let.
The response was immediate in every service and people were moved to give, to pour out, and to contemplate the words of Jesus.
-During the response time, we did
-Remedy -
-Do This In Remembrance - An original by some dork worship leader named Oobrey Mcgoowen I'll see if I can link up a copy of it for ya to hear... worn out camp voice and all.
-The Stand - just the bridge (sorry band guys) but it just fit.

In the end, there was just so much energy in the room in all four services. I really feel like Jesus was worshipped and honored.

This weekend begins a series called Half-life and we're starting it off with a medley of Natalie Grant and Sanctus Real.... Sounds weird, but I totally think it will work!! We'll see... I'll let you know... or maybe you'll let me know.


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