Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend Update 2/14 and 2/15

For Who You Are - E
God Of This City - B
All It Takes - E
Kindness - E

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.1 - Went great and we learned a new song. I want to come up with a good way for people to take notes during rehearsal. Any ideas?
Technical Execution 3.75 - Pretty solid weekend. My brain was stuttering on a couple of songs.
Transitions 3.5 - Short and simple. I could've prepared better for my spoken transitions between the first and second song.
Content/Flow 3.9 -Worked well with our series about sharing your faith, "Jesus For Sale".
Church Participation 3.75 - Not bad, but still praying for more people to really engage with us in worship and focus in on God.
Energy 3.5 -About average.
Movement 4.0 - We tried a little something different: going from a medium/fast song to a slower/medium to a slow and back to a medium song with a good groove. Normally our movement gets continually slower, but this time we picked it up a notch at the end. Felt good and I think it worked, but it was something different nonetheless. Different is good.

Overall = 3.79


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