Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hope Is Here: Album Cover

For those of you that do not know, we are working on a new recording project at church called "Hope Is Here". We have solicited those on our main church email subscription list for personal photos that we can use in the cover design. Thanks to all of our Hope people who have sent pictures already, but we still need more.

If you are able, and I know you are, please send an individual casual shot of yourself and your family members to me:

I have a lot of family shots, but really need more individual ones to make this thing work. If you are still confused, here is an example of what I need...


Even if you have attended Hope in the past and have become estranged for whatever reason, please send me a pic. (i.e. TN people). :) Heck, if you are a complete stranger, send me a pic and you just might find yourself making a cameo appearance!!! Come on!

Let's see those beautiful headshots rollin in!



1 comment:

Ronni said...

Well do ours as soon as we get home tonight. This is gonna be fun - can't wait to see the final product!!