Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend Update 1/21 & 1/ 22

Had a solid weekend as far as worship is concerned. We had a lot going on during the service including communion and a missions promo, so our time was tight. In spite of this, I felt like the coupling of communion and worship was as strong as ever. Normally we go quietly into communion with our 4th or 5th song, but this time we changed it up and did "Wonderful Cross". It ended up with a kind of celebration feel instead of somber. I thought it was a great fit for going into communion, celebrating the cross then remembering His sacrifice.

Song of Hope - A
For Who You Are - E
From the Inside Out - A
Wonderful Cross - A

Report Card
Rehearsal 4.0 - Another good one. Had some technical issues that held us up because we didn't have a sound guy at rehearsal.
Technical Execution 3.5 - We struggled a little on Saturday night, but it came together on Sunday.
Transitions 3.7 - Kept the transitions shorter and therefore cleaner. I felt like I didn't put enough thought into my spoken transition.
Content/Flow 4.0 - Pretty good content all together, but only the last line really lined up with the message, "Slavery is Freedom".
Church Participation 3.75 - Up a notch from last week. People really loved "Wonderful Cross" and "From The Inside Out" was strong.
Energy 3.5 -First service on Sunday was interesting because we didn't have a lot of people in there in the beginning. But hey, the people who were there came ready to worship! Love those people.
Movement 4.0 - Not a real theme running through the whole set.... except... uhh... God... and Jesus... and worship. :)

Overall = 3.78


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