Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Update 8/30 & 31

I think I'll begin using some sort of measurement scale/grading for these updates. Maybe it will help to add some feedback that's a little less subjective... But oh do I like subjective so this may be hard.

I have come up with a few categories, but I would love to hear some of your suggestions as well. I'm starting with a 1-5 scale, but may change it as we go. 1 = sucky and 5 = never been better.


Was it successful or not / well-organized or not / Did it prepare us or beat us down?
Technical Execution
Did we nail it or did we leave comforting ourselves saying "oh, most people wouldn't have noticed that"?
Did they make the connection? were they timely?
Did the songs fit and flow with the service or were they completely random and unrelated?
Church Participation
Were people engaged or glazed?
Was it electric or was it stone age?
How effectively did we purposely move throughout the set and service? Were we leading people anywhere or just wandering aimlessly?
Not Overalls... but All in all.

Ok, here's the rundown from this past weekend.

Everlasting God - A - Aubrey
O Praise Him - A - Jonathan
From The Inside Out - A - Aubrey
Pure - D - Anne

Report Card
Rehearsal 3.0 - started a little late / went a little long
Technical Execution 3.25 - Saturday night struggled but pulled it together on Sunday
Transitions 4.0 - Songs flowed smoothly together / no dead time
Content/Flow 3.5 - Content was good / songs selected outside of service content
Church Participation 3.5 - I felt like people were engaging with us through most of the songs
Energy 3.0 - The room felt warm, but no one was goin crazy (that's ok w/ me)
Movement 3.5 - I feel like we led people to a place of worship and surrender

Overall = 3.39

Comments? Suggestions?



Jonathan said...

I think you need to give that Jonathan guy a raise...He really set the room on fire with that contemporary version of "Oh Praise Him". It wasn't so much the sound, but the way he looked and his attitude that said "I am all that is man." Please consider having him play at the Dove Awards next year. I give him a 10 out of 5!

-Anonymous person...who shall not be named.

Lanny Rogers said...

dude...i like the evaluation categories you setup...will implement into the crossing worship! thanks man!